News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


Four Silerton grandmothers shared graduation news. Steve and Linda (Hatch) Russell have had two grandchildren to graduate from high school. John Clifton (JC), son of John and Melinda Kirk, graduated from Home Life Academy at Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson on May 23. He also did dual enrollment his senior year and has nine months completed in Auto Technology. He will graduate from Whiteville Vocational School in 2021. Alayna Russell, daughter of Tony and Kelly Russell, will be graduating at Middleton High School on June 13. She is eighth in the top ten of her class. She will be attending Jackson State in the fall, pursuing a teaching career.
Frances Stack’s grandson, Griffin Rimer, graduated from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga with a B.S. degree in Psychology.
David and Winna (Lambert) Cupples traveled 165 miles to Benton, Mo., on May 16 to witness their grandson, Taylor Coffman, receive his high school diploma. He was also recognized as the student who improved at the fastest pace. Winna stated that the ceremony was nice and that the students wore masks and practiced social distancing. He will enter the Marines. Taylor’s dream since childhood has always been about the military.
Larry and Anita Lambert are hoping they will be able to attend their grandson, Harrison Lambert’s, graduation June 22 at the Blackman High School in Murfreesboro. Graduation ceremony will depend on how the quarantine works out. Harrison has been accepted to Tennessee Tech Engineering program.
A big shout out to Bessie (King) Harris. She celebrated her 100th birthday on May 27. Because of the quarantine, there was no big party. I feel for sure that everyone who knows Mrs. Bessie has been richly blessed by their acquaintance. This writer cannot offer up enough thanks to Mrs. Bessie for her influence on my life. She has been the Christian mentor that I so needed. Mrs. Bessie has endured her share of trials in life, but true to the Bible, she came out a victor because throughout her life she kept the faith and brought praise and honor to God.
In the Silerton area, there is a feel of excitement. A transmission tower is being built on Hurst Road. The tower is a massive addition for Silerton. Melea Beshires worded our dilemma so correctly. She writes, “If the phrase, ‘Can you hear me now?’ is a frequent part of your telephone conversations, you’ll be delighted when the new cell phone tower is completed. My family is really looking forward to improved reception and hope all of Silerton will benefit.” Gail Mayfield heard from the construction crew the transmission would be line-of-sight and the range would be seven miles with a strong signal and 12 miles with less. The tower will be owned by Valley Bridge who will attach an AT&T signal atop the tower and possibly lease additional space to other carriers. Next steps will include attaching the signal units, building a security fence and securing electrical power. The Chester County location was chosen due to its altitude of 555 feet and more favorable regulations. The tower is 195 feet tall, supporting five-foot signal units.