Chester County community supports Kristen Daniel with Cupcakes and wristbands

Jaclyn Leek, a student at Chester County Junior High School, sold homemade cupcakes and cookies at the Henderson Farmer’s Market on June 5. All profits from the treats, totaling over $2,300, will go to the Daniel family.

The Chester County community continues to support the Daniel family as they pray for the recovery of teen Kristen Daniel after the May wreck that left her in critical condition and took the life of her sister Kaylee Daniel as well as three others.
The Chester County High School freshmen class, of which Kristen is a part, recently began giving out free bracelets engraved with “Pray for Kristen” and are asking that people wear them in her honor and pray for her and her family.
The wristbands can be picked up at Snookum’s Steakhouse, The Bramblett Group, First Bank, Farm Bureau, Oliver’s, The Peoples Bank and Hello Gorgeous Boutique.
Chester County Junior High School student Jaclyn Leek wanted to do something for the Daniel family, too. She had Carrie Daniel, Kristen’s mother, as her sixth grade teacher and wanted to do something for the Daniel family in the midst of their hard time.
She baked and sold cupcakes and cookies for the community, and all the profits went to the Daniels. After she finishes baking pre-ordered treats, she will have baked 912 cupcakes and 492 cookies.
With a goal of $1,000 to give to the family, she surpassed her goal as the profits she gained from her sales doubled. Over $2,300 came from the sales.