News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Each of us has his or her rhythm of suffering.” – Roland Barthes
We express sympathy to the families of Hazel Haltom Piedmont Russell (7-5-21 to 5-27-20) – Hearn’s Chapel; Carolyn Sue Crowell Brasfield (12-13-43 to 6-4-20) – Montezuma; Hilda Jeanette Gholson Bailey (11-3-35 to 6-7-20) – Bailey Cemetery; Allen Bryant Miller, Sr. (11-25-62 to 6-7-20) – Oak Grove; and Kenneth Wayne Kitchen (1-22-52 to 6-7-20) – Roby.
I did not know in time, but we express sympathy to family of Cecil Croom, 87, in their loss on 5-22-20. His son, Marvin works at the Independent. I taught school with Mrs. Renee Croom, Marvin’s wife. Granddaughter Raven Croom was my joy. She got off the bus at Chester County Junior High School each afternoon with a big smile, starting in kindergarten through graduation. She will always be “Baby Raven” to me. She has her granddaddy’s energy and smile. Then grandson Chantler came along to add more joy. Don said Cecil was a good auto body man; his work was professional in his business. Blessings to Mrs. Reba Faye Croom, a devoted wife of 64 years.
Continue prayers for Kristen Daniel; Murdell Barker; and Jim Ruth. Jim has been in his room in Covington since the nursing homes closed to public. He sleeps and eats three meals in his room. He sits in his wheelchair until placed in bed. His telephone is his only interest. He asked to share his phone, 901-288-3358. Would you call to lift his low spirits? He double dated with Joel and Janis McCall. He would love to hear from them. His eyes are weakening and has much trouble reading numbers. Thank you.
Tenderly remember Dewey Williams (6-12-29 to 5-30-16). He celebrates his 91st birthday in heaven. Did you know he dug 4,200 graves in Chester County? He could remember burial locations and cemetery names! He was one of Don’s best friends; he, Kenneth Clement and I supported Dewey during his sickness. Dr. Jerry Jones celebrated his 58th birthday on June 7.
Happy wedding anniversary to Steven and Malorie Pusser Watkins on June 9. She was a beautiful bride. He was handsome.
Early reminder so you can plan a special creative Father’s Day surprise on June 21. When they are gone – no more memories.
June 14 (Sunday) is Flag Day. It is the anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official U.S. flag in 1777 (243 years ago). The flag represents FREEDOM. Think of all the soldiers who carried or helped raise “Old Glory.” President Woodrow Wilson started Flag Day. I hope you fly the U.S. Flag. Many died for it so you could have freedoms in America.
Be aware of the word FREE connected to animals. The word FREE equates to having no value. It is better to put a small price on kittens and puppies and write on your poster what you are saving the money for when people look interested. Many evil/sick people “adopt” from Craigslist or from your kennel. I see lots of FREE kittens and puppies at local parking lots. Spay and neuter program will eliminate this issue. Loving Paws (Carol) in Luray will help you. I have saved many pets lives, and they enriched mine. I hope you have done the same. Share a story with me.
You can request a shocking email with video on chickens from me at or call 989-7485. Chicken and dressing or fried chicken does not sound too good now. Vegetarian chicken tenders are found in local grocery freezer section. Labels, organic and free range is not what it seems. At least locals – John Hall, Alma Robertson Jones, Donald Jones, Janice Kelly Stone, Terry Boothe, Jerry Johnson and Patsy N. Jones – raised chickens under humane conditions. Chickens lay eggs at 20 weeks. Phyllis McEarl helped clean my chicken wagon after school. Phil’s grandparents, Arlie (Ida) McEarl bought two dozen eggs weekly from me for $1. Chickens make good pets. They have human personalities – curious, brave, timid, loud, bossy, friendly or standoffish. I saw a touching video of a pet chicken running up the drive to greet his master on the bus after school. Be kind to animals. We are their only voice.

2020 VISION: “Stay strong, stay positive, and never give up.” – Roy Bennett