News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Mary Lynn Lambert

State parks are reopening after the quarantine, so Grady and Carolyn Stack camped at Pickwick for a few days.
Melea Beshires writes, “Summer has officially arrived, and it is great to see people out and about again. Otto, my 16-month old, is loving to watch the four-wheeler and tractor traffic. We are enjoying all this free entertainment while we can. Otto can not stand to be inside for long, so we plan on beating the heat with water fun in the yard.”
A big shout out to Kim Clifton. She received the yard of the month for June.
Our town owes a huge thank you to Bonnie Swift for her volunteer spirit to keep the area around our welcome signs mowed.
“Thank you” to everyone for keeping our small town neat and attractive. Seems as if yards are freshly cut and trimmed. If the quarantine created more time to be outside and do yard work, it would be wonderful if we could keep up the good work. Most people enjoy seeing a well manicured lawn. The bush hogging on the Herndon lot on Fitts Lane certainly improved the looks of that street.
After all the excitement over the cell tower that was being erected near Silerton, our citizens had a letdown. Someone stole the equipment trailer at the cell tower construction site. The trailer contained tools and wire needed to erect the fence and complete the job. That delay will be at the expense of us all in that service from the tower will be delayed. All that is lacking is constructing the security fence, placing the equipment atop the tower and bringing in the electrical lines. Hopefully, the police will recover the trailer and work will keep progressing steadily.
You may have noticed that new flags are blowing in the breeze at the Town Hall.
If you enjoy keeping up with Silerton, you might enjoy the Facebook group Silerton-Photographs from the Past. For those of you who remember Silerton baseball, you will be interested to know that we were given a plaque of “Hometown Heroes” that will hang in the Town Hall. Stay tuned for exciting improvements to the Holly Beshires Memorial Park. The mayor is working on several projects with Hardeman County Mayor Sain and the town council.