News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Mary Lynn Lambert

Judy (Chandler) Dillard was busy on her birthday June 4. Her sister, Carolyn, carried her out to eat. After an enjoyable lunch, she had friends and family dropping in for birthday greetings. One big treat was Zachary Majors, four-year-old son of Bryce and Amber, sang Happy Birthday to her. Donna Majors was present to wish her a Happy Birthday. Also present was Ethan and Brittni Luttrell. Another highlight was Brittni connecting with Robin Lambert, Judy’s granddaughter in Florida via Facetime. Robin’s husband is serving in the military and currently located in Florida.
Melea Beshires shares how the family celebrated Willard Beshires, her father-in-law’s, birthday on Friday, June 5. She writes, “We asked Willard to name the dinner of his choice, and he chose Richard’s BBQ in Bolivar. If you have never tried Richard’s, you are missing a real treat! They have the authentic West Tennessee barbeque taste and all the Southern personality to match. We ordered the works: jumbo pork barbeque, barbeque chicken, ribs, baked beans and coleslaw. We cleaned our plates, and Linda revealed a slice of cake she had picked up from Dumplin’s as a surprise for the birthday boy. The plan was to round out the evening with a movie. If you have ever tried to watch a movie with a one year old, then you know, you get about 85 percent toddler watch and 15 percent movie snippets. That is on a good night! Nevertheless, we all enjoyed getting to celebrate Willard’s birthday with him and look forward to many more.”
Gwen Lindley and Trudy Stack enjoyed a short visit to Ohio to visit Gwen’s children.
Joe Stack has found himself a new hobby — bee keeping. He stated that he had noticed a big decline in honeybees and their hives in the area. He connected with an Amish friend who was happy to promote his interest. Joe is now working on building 10 hives. He realizes he has a lot to learn and also faces many external factors like mites and fungus. Electromagnetic frequency waves are suspected to interrupt their migratory habits. Usually the bees stay within a three-mile range of the hive, but they are getting lost and are not able to find their way back to the hive. Bees are necessary in the pollination of crops, vegetables, and flowers. Joe suggests that everyone pay more attention to the bees and realize their importance in our environment. Because Joe also raises goats on his farm and has a good sense of humor, he states that he lives on a farm of milk and honey.
I had the joy of having my grandchildren Merry Ashlyn and Grayson Gatewood for a brief visit at Saulsbury. While talking about the Silerton news, Grayson informed me that he had just completed a six page science report on 5G—Beneficial or Harmful. I received a highly informative introduction to 5G from Grayson, and I owe a multitude of thanks to him for helping me understand EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and the harmful ways they can do damage to God’s creation.

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