Narcotics arrest made in Henderson Police search warrant

Henderson Police officers confiscated $7000 worth of marijuana, about 712 grams.

Officers with the Henderson Police Department and the Chester County Sheriff’s Department executed a narcotics search warrant at 1018 B Wesley Cove on Wednesday, June 24. During the search of the residence, HPD said a large amount of what is believed to be marijuana was found. Approximately 100 glass tubes containing 2 grams each of marijuana was discovered, plus two vacuum sealed clear bags that contained what was believed to be marijuana. Also scales and other items of drug paraphernalia were recovered during the search along with one handgun.
The amount of marijuana weighed approximately 712 grams. (1.57 Lbs.)
Tania Hall of Henderson, 20 years old, was home at the time and was arrested and charged. She was charged with the intent of manufacturing, selling and delivering of Schedule 6 drug paraphernalia and the possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony. She was released from the Chester County Jail after posting a $25,000 bond.
“First I want to commend all those who were involved with this ongoing investigation. Your hard work and commitment prevented around $7000.00 worth of marijuana from possibly falling into the hands of children of our community.
Secondly, again we are sending a message to those few who have chosen to sell illegal narcotics that we are aggressively working to put you out of business next!” stated Chief of Police Gary A. Davidson.