News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Melea Beshires. I have enjoyed reading Mary Lynn Lambert’s Silerton News for some time, and she has now passed the torch to me. I moved to Silerton in 2015 after marrying Kevin Beshires under the big tree in Bobby Naylor’s yard. Some of you may recall seeing the first, and probably last, hot air balloon to fly over Silerton as our sendoff. In a hot air balloon, you land wherever the wind blows and where there is enough field and road access free of power lines. After about an hour in the air, we landed in Selmer. Apparently, our fields have too many crops and cattle to be ideal landing spots.
We now have a 17 month old son, Otto. He already loves the townspeople he sees on stroller rides, and he is fascinated by tractors and four wheelers. We look forward to him getting to play in the Silerton City Park.
Mayor Willard Beshires has been working with Mayor Jimmy Sain on accessing grant money for park developments. The park will be expanding to include the “old store” lot. The park will also be receiving a professionally installed play structure as well as a split rail fence.
In other news, Mary Lynn Lambert shared news with us about recent visitors to Silerton. She writes, “William Siler Dean, great-grandson of Horace Siler, one of the first settlers in our area, and his wife stopped in to visit with Bill and Vonda Siler. He currently lives in Germantown. They had visited Chickasaw and were on their way home.
Carrie Haynes Muldavin, granddaughter of Carrie (Siler) Haynes and great-granddaughter of Dr. Siler from Memphis drove to Silerton to visit the Silerton Cemetery and Dr. Siler’s home place. She dropped in at our house, seeking answers to a few questions. It was a joy to meet her and listen to her to share memories of Silerton and Dr. Siler. Jaycee Doris celebrated her 16th birthday by kayaking with her mother, Becky, and Tracy Watkins on the Current River in Van Buren, Mo. Presleigh Hatch, her cousin, who happens to be her best friend, enjoyed the trip with her. Thomas, Tiffany and Easton Watkins were also in on the celebration.”
I welcome this opportunity to write for Silerton. If anyone has Silerton news or stories, I would be delighted to hear and share them.