Chester County tables trash fund resolution


Last week on Tuesday, July 7, during a special called meeting by the Chester County Commission, the commission voted to table the decision on how to take action in getting funds to cover Solid Waste putting the county’s trash in landfills.
Commissioner James “Mike” Alexander motioned to table the topic and Commissioner Al McKinnon seconded the motion.
Following the motions, they voted to do so, but in a 14-1 vote, Larry Blackstock was the only one against the decision.
His reasoning was that the county should go ahead and get the issue handled.
Mayor Barry Hutcherson along with the other commissioners believed it should be put off until their next meeting on July 27 so that the public can have time to understand everything that’s going on.
The County Courthouse Courtroom, the meeting location, was filled with people of the community ready to discuss the situation, but discussion was held until July 27.