Traffic Study at Crook and Second: Covid delays opening of splash pad in Chester County

The new splash pad at Gene Record Park has been completed, however the mayor and board of aldermen voted to delay the opening due to the continued rise of Covid-19 cases.

Scott Sewell of Henderson addressed the Mayor and Board of Aldermen during their meeting last Thursday, July 9, introducing the idea of possibly changing the intersection of Crook Avenue and Second Street to a four-way stop; currently it’s a two–way stop.
Sewell explained that he has witnessed the intersection being confusing as some treat it as a two-way stop and others treat it as a four-way stop.
He also mentioned many elementary aged children live and play nearby. Thus, he believes a four-way stop should be implemented in order to make the intersection less confusing and safer for the children.
Before placing more stop signs, the decision was made to first perform a traffic study of the intersection after school starts back.
The study will consist of: gathering the crash data from any wrecks that occurred there in the past few years and placing a calculating unit that will calculate the highest speed, the average speed and number of cars for a time of day and day of the week.
The calculating unit is not a traffic camera; no camera is involved in making the calculations.
Also during the meeting, Mayor Bobby King announced that the Splash Pad at Gene Record Memorial Park is finished.
Though finished, after discussion among the board, it was decided that due to the rise of Covid-19 cases, the splash pad will not open yet.
In regards to opening it, Alderman Johny Farris said, “I won’t even consider it…This thing (the coronavirus) is serious.”
The mayor and board of alderman also discussed how they were going to hire a new City of Henderson Fire Chief since current chief Glenn Bryan will be retiring soon.
They decided to open applications to all full-time firemen at the station.

Scott Sewell of Henderson approached the city mayor and board of aldermen about changing the intersection of Crook Avenue and Second Street to a four-way stop due to his concern of children possibly being harmed by vehicles and confusion of the type of stop that it is.