News from the Hickory Corner Community of Chester County


with Dot Patterson

Greetings from Hickory Corner!
The forecast calls for dangerously hot weather this week with temperatures in the mid-90s. To borrow an old southern phrase, it’s going to be hotter here than a billy goat in a pepper patch! Stay cool, and if you are working outside, please be careful as it is very easy to have a heat stroke in high temperatures. Here is a tip – before going outside, drink plenty of water and eat a banana, as it is rich in potassium and will help to regulate your body fluid. If you get muscle cramps, you may be dehydrated. Drink sports drinks along with water.
It is sad that COVID-19 is keeping us away from spending quality time with our friends and families. Remember: when you are around those outside your immediate family, be sure to social distance, or I believe a better term is physical distance. As I am sure you already know, that means to stay at least six feet away from one another. Also, wear a mask to help stop the spread of this virus and keep each other safe. I am wearing my mask when I am out in public. I wear mine to protect you. Please wear yours to protect me and others. It will make a difference, and it is just a small inconvenience.
My niece Brenda Berryman of McKenzie surprised me with a short visit. We physically distanced on the deck and were able to have a nice visit and catch up. Brenda is the daughter of the late Eldridge and Arvie (Patterson) Bishop.
“How beautiful a day it can be when kindness touches it.” – George Elliston. I found this to be true this past week when Wayne Patterson stopped by with some ripe tomatoes and green tomatoes. I sure enjoyed them with my meals, and I especially love fried green tomatoes. Thank you, Wayne. Also, JoAnn Clayton surprised me with a homemade fabric pouch for my phone so I can carry it on my walks or when I am outside. It hangs around my neck, so I should not be laying my phone down and losing it anymore. She also made one for herself and her sister Peggy Lard. Thank you, JoAnn. I will be passing forward the kindness. Readers, please call me if you have recently been the receiver of a random act of kindness. Let us all spread kindness to our neighbors and friends during these uncertain times.
More July Birthdays: Tim Clayton, 7/19; Debbie Hames, 7/21; and Danna Clayton, 7/22. Wishing you all a very happy birthday on your special day.
Remember in prayer: Arlan Porter, Walt and Ann Bennett, Richy Butler, Ronnie and Ladelle Clark, Mildred Smith, Mary Alice and Martha Autry, Ann Morrison, Bonice Martin, Peggy Whitman, Jim Ruth, W.T. Roland, Peggy Lard and Buck Burkhead. Also, pray for our country. If you would like to add or remove a name from our prayer list, please call me.
If you would like to rent the HCC center for your special event, please call Nancy Patterson at 608-1159.
Please call me at 989-3315 with any news and tidbits. It is difficult to write this column without the help of the readers. I welcome any news you would like to share.
Spread kindness this week!