Sunrise By David Coy: In Spite Of #2

David Coy

By: David Coy

Last week, we were reminded of the value of perspective. People were grieved greatly at Paul’s imprisonment. Yet, in spite of his being unjustly incarcerated and their sorrow with regard to Paul’s circumstance, he said it was all a matter of perspective (implied). He informed them that he was introduced to opportunities he would not have had otherwise. Thus, his circumstances had turned out to benefit his life and, therefore, theirs, too. We then were reminded that we should have a Priority to live by. There may be people we see on the news or in our community that do not live by honorable principles and values. The life lesson that we need to remember is that we do not have control over how other people behave, but we do have control over how we respond. Our values and principles should always be of truth and that is obtained by evidence. This week, we are reminded of our Power that we should live on. Paul gained much of his coping ability through prayers in part from the people to whom he wrote this letter. They received comfort and strength, and he did likewise. We gain much support from others in spite of our less than desired circumstances. Paul had a belief that there was a brighter tomorrow in the future. We need to believe in brighter days in the future also. Finally, we may remember that we need to have a Purpose to live for. Sometimes, when we find ourselves in our journey with grief or in difficult circumstances, we may lose sight of our purpose in life and begin to question things. I had a client years ago who was struggling mightily with her purpose since her husband had passed. I attempted to convince her that she had plenty of family and others that still needed her. Paul was certain; we can be also.
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