Your Right to Know: Reports from Henderson Police Dept., Chester County Sheriff’s Dept., and other agencies


Warranty Deeds
Adlor Enterprises, LLC to Barham & Foulkes Investment, LLC – $400,000
Jason B. Anderson to Angela Marcle – $19,043
Sheila Armour to Alejandro Montoya Espinoza – $35,00
Estate of Dorothy Austin, Billy Austin – Executor to Timothy and Cynthia Freeman – $12,500
Norma Rhodes Bain, et al to Jeffery and Sabrina Butler – $5,000
Vadeen Smith Reddin Trust, Shirley Bain – Trustee to Sherrye Moore McKinnon – $10,000
Julia B. Bolton to Johnie W. Plunk – $8,100
Shane and Barbara Carroll to Ashley Owen – $7,500
Tim and Lee Ann Childers to Leah Beaver – $32,500
Janice A. Cooper to Joy A. Cox – $145,700
Deanburn Hill, Inc to Chris and Hayley Wilkerson – $40,000
Eddie Ellis to Benjamin Odom and Sue Ann Hattemer – $199,900
Richard and Shelley Emison to Larry Roberts – $27,000
Jeff and Merlene Faulkner to Brian and Kathrine Gay – $6,000
Corey Gutgsell to Joshua T. Sawyer – $154,000
Zach Hannis to Adlor Enterprises, LLC – $265,000
Phillip Michael Hodges to Tasha Stoltzfus – $89,900
Kody Howard to Joshua and Kelly Epperson – $209,000
Joseph and Laura Melaro to Richard and Melina Rushing – $165,000
Ashley Owen Moran to Luis Chaco II, et al – $5,000
Larry Osche and Freddie Rychlock – $255,000
Lymon Parsons to Patrick and Melanie Malone – $85,000
Jimmy and Barbara Paulman to Idalia Garrett – $155,000
Rudy Trent Quarles to Joseph and Megan Miller – $75,000
Quentin Road Baptist Church, Inc. to Jonathan and Susie Overholt – $11,500
Cathy Ross Revocable Living Trust to Lymon Parsons – $95,000
Patty Deming Ross Irrevocable Trust Agreement, Hugh Ross, Jr. – Trustee to Mike and Deborah Raper – &87,978
Angela K. Sikes to Buel Maness – $50,529
Danny and Susie Smith to Waylon Wyatt – $25,000
Ray T. Smith to Michelle R. Stark – $18,000
Ron Spain and Geraldine Wojcik to Brent and Annette Duchon – $509,000
Anita Stout to Elizabeth Ann Slott – $2,500
Donald Thompson and Jerry Thomas to Jerry and Tammy Thomas – $57,000
Richard Zahra to Brian William Muetze – $65,000
Marriage Licenses
Richard Allen Bentley to Sherry Edmiston Jackson
Andrew Wyman Creech to Carley Wylson Elizabeth Goode
Hayden Alan Davidson to Ashley Michelle Faulkner
Hunter Jacob Hearn to Kaycie Elizabeth Moore
John Hayden Howell to Kasey Danielle Callahan
Phillip Shane Hudson to Lillian Desiree Daniel
Spencer Dalton Little to Kelsey Denise Douglas
Jacob Miguel Nelson to Melanie Nicole Hanson
Brian Robert Oneal to Linnea Lani Michelle D’Agostino
Junis Lavon Patrick to Kwinyatta Chaunta Ryan Kelly
Bradrick Jay Shields to Tonya Gail Thompson
Divorces Granted
Jessica Erin Ross from Terence Michael Ross