Chester County Commission to discuss approval of Solid Waste fee


The Chester County Commission is scheduled to meet Monday, July 27.
During that meeting, they will discuss the approval the Solid Waste Department fee that was tabled on July 7.
The Solid Waste fee of $96 is one of the options considered to provide funds for Solid Waste to pay for trash to be put in landfills.
The other option would include the $0.15 (cent) property tax increase across the board.
If your property appraisal is $256,000, your property tax increase would be the same amount as the proposed convenience fee…$96.00. Anything over $256,000, your property tax increase would be greater than the proposed $96.00 fee while anything under $256,000 would be less than the proposed $96 fee. For example, a property with an appraisal value of $100,000, your property tax would only increase by $37.50 a year.
(These figures are based on residential properties; commercial and industrial properties would be slightly higher).
According to Lance Beshires, Chester County Trustee, the average appraisal value of homes in Chester County, is between $70,000 – $80,000.
There’s also the option to pay to dump trash as you go, but the other two options are the main ones considered at the time.
The commission will also discuss quarterly reports, approve the resolution for a Private Act and give an update on the Chester County Ambulance Facility.