News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Being busy and distracted can provide you the rest you need from grieving.”

Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Edna Faye Gilliam Newman (5-27-33 to 7-13-20), who was from the Chester County High School Class of 1951 and married Paul Newman – Memorial visitation; Samuel Wilson Grantham (5-29-32 to 7-19-20), the husband of Shirley Nobles Grantham. They were an endearing couple in love for many years. Wilson was a good man, devoted husband and caring daddy. He was a gentleman – so polite and gracious. Shirley was Daddy’s first cousin. When she was young and asked to tell her name, she would reply that she was “Shirley And Minnie” (her mother was Minnie). Wilson had a graveside funeral at Unity. Brother Huggins commented on Wilson saying that Shirley was the love of his life. Both children spoke with the closure of “I miss him,” and “That man taught me a lot.” After the service Mary Wadley passed chilled water to all passing the exit drive-way. Wasn’t she thoughtful; Judy Kay Crowe Davis (8-22-47 to 7-22-20) from CCHS Class of 1965 and widow of Jerry Davis. Her daughter Lisa Bell and grandson Cody Hopper were very loyal and devoted to Judy during her illness. They were an exceptional close family. Howard Crowe glimmered when he saw Judy. He was active in her horse riding days. Maurine loved living near Judy. My daddy loved Judy and nicknamed her “Doody.” Our daddies were first cousins. Later burial will be at Johnson’s Cross Roads; Teresa Ann Robbins (9-9-60 to 7-23-20) – Memory Gardens; and Willie Leon Vineyard (8-5-29 to 7-23-20) who was from Lexington and Rebecca Vineyard’s brother-in-law – Center Hill.
Notable deaths – Regis Philbin (8-25-31 to 7-24-20) talk show host; John Saxton (8-5-35 to 7-25-20) handsome actor; and Olivia de Havilland (7-1-16 to 7-26-20) last cast member of movie Gone With the Wind. Also, Murdell Barker will outdo Olivia’s age! Murdell is 101.5. That woman is special in many ways and so talented. I miss sitting in her room learning about the past.
Prayers to all our sick friends. Call on me if I can help you (989-7485).
Greetings to Geralene Thompson in Mississippi. She wants to have a memory talk with neighbors and friends, but her health (91-itis) and this virus interfere. She would love to hear from you. Betty Richardson checks on her.
I received an ODD piece of mail. It was a HANDWRITTEN letter from Joann Robertson. She misses her husband, Ennis. She wants me to have her mother’s butterfly brooch. I feel so honored. I am writing her a letter, too, but my handwriting has changed. She will think she has received a very ODD piece of mail, too. Maybe her granddaughter can figure out the words. Handwritten letters are a thing of the past. Now, it’s computer email or messages on cell phones. I got left behind with these new gadgets.
Chester County has had its first “C-Virus” death, Charlie Currin. His wife is now in the hospital. Chester County has a total of 155 people affected by this virus in Chester County as of July 27. Don’t you realize you are being selfish and uncaring by NOT wearing a mask? We need to have the same goal – saving lives.
Voting is around the corner. Wearing a mask is the right thing to do in small areas. Be respectful and not a bully. I hope we do not hear big mouths saying they have rights in America to do as they want. They need to meet John Hancock. Remember how LARGE his signature was on the Constitution? There are all types of people out there! A woman told me she did not feel comfortable with me being too close to her. I apologized for being three feet from her, BUT at least I was wearing a mask. She hurried to tell her big husband. They both glared at me in the checkout line. I do not leave home without my mask. I spray it with thieves essential oil which helps on breathing while killing germs.
Jacks Creek welcomes new neighbors. The Bingham (Ray and Margaret) home has new owners – Mitchell and Brittany Copeland and their daughter. I carried a “Welcome Wagon” of Prairie Farms products plus and eggs. I hope they enjoyed them.
Prairie Farms has been so VERY generous with milk products. Products were boxed, and volunteers helped the driver unload boxes into vehicles at the drive-by lane. Heavy traffic caused a long backup of traffic. I am sure policemen did not know this issue. The dairy farmers of Prairie Farms are here for us. They are supporting local communities while offerings excellent products that bring peace and sustenance. Delores Perkins is passing the kindness forward. She is buying other Prairie Farms products. I love the idea. I will get the address from one of the containers and send a thank you. Will you? We carried boxes to older neighbors or those who could not drive. Milk freezes well, so do not waste. I have used cream cheese (pie), sour cream (cake) and onion dip (casserole) in my cooking. Who doesn’t love cottage cheese on a fruit? We have loved the individual bottled milk. Thank you, Prairie Farms, for this unexpected treat. We have enjoyed using and sharing. We are definitely in this together.
Tidbit: Maya Angelou was San Francisco’s first black female streetcar conductor who became a famous writer.
2020 VISION: “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi