On baseball and more

Dennis Richardson

By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

I watched part of my first major league baseball game in some time Saturday. Fox TV telecasted the New York Yankees against the Washington Nationals.
Although I generally don’t become interested in baseball until way past the All-Star break, a shorter season makes the regular season games a little more important. I was curious. There were no fans. In person attendance is not allowed yet, but many teams have sold fans on the opportunity to send in photos of themselves to put on cardboard cutouts so their picture has an opportunity to appear (for a price) on television.
The season was whittled to 60 games. I have not studied the other 2020 particulars.
Will fans be allowed to attend “in person” at the college and NFL football games? What about the NHL?
These are unparalleled times. History is being made right before our eyes as the COVID-19 spreads quickly.
How will the pro sports franchises pay the bills and players salaries with no fans?
College football typically brings in enough revenues to keep other sports afloat.
Sporting events are expensive to put on. There are referee crews to hire, stadium lighting, medical personnel, security, ushers and concessions. I am anxious to see how all of this develops. A lot may depend on where we are in terms of increasing or decreasing COVID-19 cases. The governor has a lot to say in what can and cannot be done.
Back in March I really thought the virus would have been destroyed by the summer. That didn’t happen. How much longer? And what is next?
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Dennis Richardson is the CEO of Magic Valley Publishing, Inc., and owner of The Chester County Independent and 14 other community newspapers in West and Middle Tennessee.