Letter To The Editor: Do Not Raise Property Taxes


Dear Editor,
With COVID-19 ravaging our country, I just think now is not a good time for a property tax raise. Chester County Mayor and the Chester County Commissioners have their hearts set on a tax raise, and property taxes will go up. $100 here and $100 there will soon add up. I just do not want anyone losing their homes, not having enough to eat or being unable to feed their children. Social Security is not enough to live on; they are struggling to just pay bills and buy food. Senior citizens must go without their medicine that they need. Raising children costs a lot of money, especially when you have to buy new clothes and shoes once or twice a year. There are a lot of bills to pay, and they have to keep a roof over their children’s heads. I went to a Chester County meeting and the citizens of Chester County were not even allowed to speak or make their concerns heard. If you can not help people, do not hurt them.
Irene Rinks