Sunrise By David Coy: Carpe Diem

David Coy

By David Coy

We have all probably heard the phrase identified above. A Latin term, it originally came from book one of the Roman poet Horace’s work, Odes. It usually is seen to mean “seize the day.” How can we apply this to our journey with grief? So often we become so immersed in our sorrow because we are in shock, and on top of that, we are struggling with brain fog. So, we have difficulty focusing on one task at a time. Yet, it must be our goal to build anew our life in absence of our missed loved one to heal and taking one day at a time caring for each day’s responsibilities. Mahatma Gandhi said it this way, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Good advice, and here are a few others worth trying to help further our healing and growth.
For some people it is helpful to write in a journal. If this is you, then find a quiet time when you can log your day’s feelings and experiences. Maintain an orderly regulated schedule each day, and this will help relieve stress. Include in this routine sufficient sleep, which helps restore mind and body. Share your journey with someone who is willing to walk with you. Struggles shared are lighter. Be willing to accept the new reality life has thrust upon you and make the most of every new day you are blessed with. Everyone still has a purpose to fulfill; one person told me they did not see what purpose they had after their loved one died. Take a good walk daily if possible. It can help to clear one’s head as well as increase serotonin and dopamine levels, which help to maintain healthy mood levels. Release intense emotions such as anger in a healthy productive manner. Avoid the use of drugs for a temporary relief; they bring misery in the long term. Make the most of the day!
This is Sunrise Aftercare,