Chester County School District participates in unity prayer

The fifth annual Unity Prayer Day was celebrated across Chester County August 2. Photographed above are just a few of the day’s praying participants, Pastor Vennie Reaves of First Christian Liberty; Youth Pastor Mike Smith and members Katie Morris, Atlanta Adkins, Jeska Lutman; Intermediate Youth Pastor Casey Cupples of Next Level Church; Pastor Tom Spellings of First United Methodist Church of Trenton; Brother Steven Bragorgos of Reno, Nevada; and Pastor Juanita Clay of Embrace Logistic Ministries.

The fifth annual Unity Prayer day occurred on August 2, with participants from Chester County’s local churches, communities and pastors who prayed in support of “God’s divine covering” for the new school year.
Coordinator Juanita Clay wishes to express “profound thanks” to those participants and to the churches that held special prayer during their regular service.
A special thanks was given to Ms. L. Davis for covering East Chester Elementary and the citizens of Chester County.