City of Henderson to improve quality of animal shelter

The City of Henderson will move $25,000 toward maintenance repairs and more for the Henderson Animal Shelter.

The Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen moved to take action in improving the dog shelter after a couple of the shelter’s volunteers addressed them about the needed repairs and other tasks that will help the shelter be in better condition.
A list of these tasks are: to pressure wash, repaint, get a new roof, get a new water heater, replace fencing, put up a new fencing area for the dogs and have dog flap doors.
Henderson mayor Bobby King along with the aldermen admitted that the city has not kept up the maintenance for the shelter.
“I’m with the mayor,” said Buel Manness. “It’s the city’s responsibility to keep the building up. I think we should do that, and the other things that need to be done need to be taken care of.”
The city will move $25,000 for the maintenance repairs.
That meeting was also Johny Farris’s last meeting as alderman. Jason Rhodes will be sworn into the position on September 4.
Greg Lipford was approved to be the new Henderson Fire Chief due to the retirement of Glenn Bryan.