First game under the belts

Dennis Richardson

By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

It definitely is time for fall sports at the high schools in Tennessee.
Many schools opened their 2020 football season Friday while others did not. Some cancelled because of COVID-19 which saw some schools scramble for an opponent at the last minute.
Volleyball is under way and many schools have a few matches under their belts.
Things could all change this week as the COVID-19 situation seems to be a day-to-day drama.
The virus can change everything in the blink of an eye.
I thought it was an encouragement for the high schools to start playing. We don’t know if this season will be a complete one, but at least it got off on a seemingly smooth start.
Hopefully the college season will follow. At least the SEC has formulated an all-conference 10-game schedule starting Sept. 26.
Some of the other conferences are playing but some have deleted football from the fall and have plans to bring it back in the spring.
I encourage those who are looking for a Friday night outing to head to the stadium and cheer on your team, even if cheers may sound muffled beneath the required face coverings.
Don’t cringe if someone checks your temperature as you enter the stadium. It is for your health as well as for the health of others.
Nothing would pour ice on a sport than having a bunch of the fans contract COVID-19.