News from the Enville Community of Chester County


with Jan Johnson

Hello from Enville! I hope everyone had a great week. We are nearing the end of another month. I can not believe how fast time is passing. I hope we have a long fall and do not just go from summer into winter. I absolutely love fall. It is my favorite time of year. We have had some fall like temperatures lately and are really enjoying them. Football season is here, and that calls for cooler weather. It is soon to be sweatshirt time, sitting out and watching the games!
With no Wild Goose Shindig this year, there is not much else happening in our community, as many other activities have been cancelled. I am ready to get life going again, as we once knew it!
Happy birthday wishes to Charlotte Canaday on Aug. 28, Joey Ashbrook on Aug. 31 and Brenda Essary, Stan O’Neal and Gerald Russom on Sept. 2. We hope you all enjoy your special day!
I am happy to report that Charlie Kent, Annie Massengill, Harold and Frankie Finley are doing much better. They thank everyone for their prayers, calls and food during their illness. Please say extra prayers for Linda and Christy Phillips. They have sent Christy home with hospice care. We are praying for God’s hand to be on these two precious people.
Please pray for our Chester County Schools and our surrounding schools, as well as for safety for our students, teachers and staff, bus drivers, custodians, superintendent and board members. Also, pray for Janet Scott, Jack and Tera O’Neal, Jean Crowell, Agnes Smith, Mary Lee Guyon, Janice Keen, Jo Marie Holmes, Florence Stublaski, Deb Finley, Casey Pratt, Doris Weeks, Harold and Janice Maness, Inez Cash, Genny Sue Martin, Imogene Hollin, Brother Bill Evans, Lisa Bishop, Dean Hutcherson, Kristen Daniel, Dennis Harwell, Ann Vanhoose, Tim Harris, Wayne Bethune, those who have lost loved ones, those who are affected by the virus, our firefighters, first responders, law enforcement and healthcare workers and, as always, each other.
If you have news or someone to add to the prayer list, call me at 688-5129, or if you want to rent the community center, call Pat at 688-5125.
Have a blessed week everyone!