Chester County Senior Center thanks local community

There have been several changes at Chester County Senior Center in Henderson, with the most noticeable one being the pavilion that faces Main Street. Under it sits many picnic tables the seniors will use daily.

From Audra Thomas
Chester County Senior Center Director

Things are changing at the Senior Center! Within the last several months, we have updated our building on both the inside and the outside! The most noticeable change has been the addition of our beautiful pavilion that is right off Main Street. These are gorgeous additions to the garden that our seniors have worked so very hard on! The next noticeable change is the much needed metal roof on our main building.
We would love to thank Southwest Electric for awarding us with the grants to make our dreams a reality. We would like to thank all who made a contribution and/or helped in the process of the new and beautiful changes/additions! These wonderful people and businesses include: Leah Weatherford, Ralph Mays, Mayor Bobby King and Teresa, Mayor Barry Hutcherson and Sherry, Marty and Janice Watson, Neal Smith, Stacy and Casey Smith, Teresa Jones, Mike Clayton, Keith LeCornu, Snookum’s Steakhouse, Hays Cash Saver, Piggly Wiggly, First Bank, Luke Miller’s Construction, Stoll’s Woodcrafts, and Blue Steel Manufacturing! Thank you to our city and our county for making sure our seniors and building are taken care of. Lastly and certainly not least, thank you to our seniors Jerry Ada, Guy Foulkes, Larry Riley, and Fred Watson for your hard work and dedication in making sure the garden remained beautiful during this unfortunate shut down. We love and appreciate our community!


  1. I am relatively new to Tennessee (6 yes) but my heart is here in this blessed state. Each day I hear,see and experience the kindness of the communities for each other as well as to strangers. I am a senior citizen myself (78 yo) and retired here. I am proud to be a part of this state, this community and this great country. We will get through the troubles and challenges because we are strong, God fearing people. We will stand together, God bless Tennessee.

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