News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Mary Katras

East Chester is off to a great start! We are so glad to be back with our students that we love and have missed so much. 
We started off our first day of school with delicious coffee and treats from UrbanHouse. These were provided by a very generous parent, and we were all so thankful for such a wonderful treat.
Third grade worked on the first Leader In Me assembly for this school year. Since we can not gather together as a school group, they worked hard on a virtual assembly. Please go to our East Chester PTO page to view the program.
Mrs. Diane Johnson’s class enjoyed getting to know their classroom pets. They are joined this year by a beta fish named Neo Blue Diamond and three hermit crabs named Mickey, Minnie and Pluto.
Ms. Leah’s class did “All About Me” backpacks while learning about the Seven Habits. Ms. Leah read aloud the story of “The Chalkbox Kid,” and the students created their own garden with chalk. A special thanks to Missy Clayton for making the students all masks with their names embroidered on them. 
First graders at East Chester were off to a fantastic start! First grade completed character rotations with the teacher rotating to each first grade class. Students learned about being kind and treating others like you want to be treated. They reviewed the writing of numbers through 120. They learned new addition skills and vocabulary. First graders were excited to begin CKLA reading curriculum by studying fables and stories! And if all of that was not enough, East Chester first graders studied plants as well! It is a great time to be in first grade at East Chester Elementary!
Mrs. Nancy Burns welcomed a student teacher from the University of Tennessee at Martin. Her name is Jennifer Campbell, and we are so excited to have her with us at East Chester.
Kindergarten students worked on learning rules and procedures, getting to know each other writing names. They also started to introduce letters and numbers.
We had a busy week in Pre-K! We learned about following directions, recognizing our name and protecting ourselves from germs. We learned about the steps of the scientific method, including hypotheses and observation. We learned the colors of the rainbow and an acronym for remembering colors. 
We appreciate your patience in our car rider line in the afternoon. Each day seems to go a little faster. We are so appreciative to our City Police Department for their help in directing traffic. 
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