Chester County loses battle of the Eagles

Pictured is Ellis Patterson after making a catch for some yards in the game against Jackson Christian. Photo By Kendall Patterson

By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

Chester County Football lost in the “Battle of the Eagles” against Jackson Christian on Thursday. The teams played a day early to avoid the bad weather conditions on Friday like many other schools in the region.
In the beginning of the game, Jackson Christian left Chester County behind by three touchdowns without Chester County responding.
Following the scores, on the next drive, Ellis Patterson managed to run it in for a CCHS touchdown at the end of the first, but nonetheless, JCS quickly got those points back after returning the kickoff for a touchdown. This made the score 27-7.
JCS, wanting to rack up additional points, surprisingly caught CC players off guard when they did an onside kick and recovered it.
The first play of that drive, they scored another touchdown, so then CC was down 35-7 after JCS got the two-point conversion.
After both CCHS and JCS made some more touchdowns with the score at 42-14, CCHS had a great play for a touchdown that excited the fans.
Freshman receiver Chad Barham displayed concentration in keeping his feet in the endzone without going out of bounds after making a touchdown grab thrown by quarterback Tony Washington.
Even though there was just over 1:30 left in the half, JCS still
managed to not only score but run out the clock to under five seconds.

The teams
entered halftime 49-21.
In the second half, both teams managed to get points, but CCHS still trailed and lost 70-34.
Though CCHS Football has a few things to work on for the offense, head Coach Steve Robinson said that they played pretty good overall.
However, the same
could not be said about the defense. Both
Robinson and Defensive
Coach Randall Todd said that the defense has to increase their levels of aggressiveness if they want to win.
“The mentality’s got to change defensively,” Robinson said. “We got to be a lot more aggressive on the defensive side of the ball. We got to attack when we see it instead of sit back and wait on it. We just can’t give them a lot of yards. We got some issues that we that we’ve got to stress .”
“We gave up way too many points in two ball games,” he said.
“The main improvement on defense is to be more aggressive. We got to do the little things right and get our keys and reads and play fast. We didn’t play very fast tonight,” Todd said.
The Player of the Week went to the offensive leader Tony Washington for completing 11 of 19 passes for 248 yards and getting 64 rushing yards with 10 carries.
Ellis Patterson led in the rushing game though with 133 yards gained in 11 carries.

Defensive back Ryan Bailey dives to tackle a JCS player. Photo By Kendall Patterson