News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“When it comes to death, we know that laughter and tears are pretty much the same.” – Sherman Alexie

Our community expresses deep sympathy to 13 families — Thomas Albert “Tom” Duke (7- 5-31 to 8-25-20) – Brown Church, Jackson; Murdell Brewer McCall Barker (2-19-1919 to 8-26-2020) – Unity; Bobbie Nell Williams Wells (5-8-38 to 8-26-20), widow of Jimmy Wells – Mifflin; Norman James Rhodes (12-11-30 to 8-26-20), widower of Carole Noble son, father of Elaine Hollins and Rhonda Cravens, son of the late Melvin and Lala Young Rhodes, brother of Adrian Rhodes and uncle to Cynthia Rhodes Marx, who danced in Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze – Unity; John Franklin “Buck” Burkhead (11-30-34 to 8-26-20) – Memory Gardens; Cherry A. Smith (2-13-70 to 8-27-20); John Williams Lundy (2-1-42 to 8-27-20) – Family Cemetery Terry Lane; Glenda Mae Griffin Johnson (3-5-35 to 8-27-20); Larry Wayne Howe, Sr. (6-23-6 1 to 8-30-20); Colt Anthony Thomas (1-1-20 to 8-29-20); Lillie Christine Guest (8-31-20); Christy Lynn Phillips (1-15-77 to 8-31-20); and Jim Steed( 8-31-20), husband of Patsy.
Continue prayers for Kristen Daniel, and hello to Judy Jones Hample. Tenderly remember Polly Lemons (8-30-16); Lula Bell (8-23-16); and Devon Doyle (9-8-18).
Happy birthday to Sharon Boothe on Sept. 6; she appreciated prayers and is much better; and Regina Brooks celebrates on Sept. 8 – she likes Zero candy bars, too. Their addresses are in the old phone book or call me.
Loving Paws had a fundraiser Saturday at Tractor Supply. If you could not attend, please mail a check to Loving Paws, 2035 Brown Cemetery Rd., Luray, TN 38352. Get educated and spay and neuter your animals. You would eliminate excessive work for Carol – lots of sadness for animals deserted and expected to find their food, a safe home and a kind master who will give a name. I heard someone deserted a young brown dog on Wells Road. He will think his new name is “Get.” God bless unwanted animals, abused kids and lonely elderly. If all three together (animals, kids and elderly) could live in a compound, it would be a happy home. Love and security would be there. I would drive in with lots of food, snacks, toys, soft bed, blankets, music, games and hugs to all.
Miss Pat wants to say thank you for wearing your mask over your mouth and nose. Chester County had one new report of virus as of Monday. You may put your notebook away. You will not have to write a copy this week. Importance of mask, clean hands and distancing has sunk in nicely. We are in this together, and I am so thankful we have a peaceful county. Thanks for caring.
Tidbits: 1. World War II was 9-1-39 to 9-2-45; 2. eleven elephants were found dead in Zimbabwe – no tusks were taken and cyanide is probably ruled out, too. God sees it all. 3. A 770 pound crocodile (14.5 feet long) was caught in Australia and taken to a crocodile farm. 4. Sept. 6, 1620 – Mayflower departs England for New World with 102 pilgrims and 30 crew, but only half survived the first winter. The others were saved by Native Americans. Thanksgiving is a holiday that expresses much, right? 5. Sept. 3, 1783 – Treaty of Paris officially ended the American Revolutionary War – America was a free nation. 6. Sept. 6, 1901 – President William McKinley shot by Leon Czolgosz.
Call or send me tidbits and news, so I can add to my community writing – 989-7485 or PO Box 13, Jacks Creek, 38347

2020 VISION: “Be your own kind of beautiful.” – Jason Gray