Contractor of future Hwy 45 hotel indicted


Chester County and the City of Henderson have been working with contractor David B. Hunt of Jackson to build a hotel and retail area in Henderson, however, on September 3 Hunt was indicted in Mississippi for the charges of conspiracy and wire fraud.
The United States Department of Justice release on the case states Cerissa Renfroe Neal, the former Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Education (“MDOE”), along with her co-defendants Joseph B. Kyles, David B. Hunt, and Lambert Martin, were indicted with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and seven counts of wire fraud. Neal and Kyles were also charged for one count of money laundering and three counts of bribery.
Henderson Mayor Bobby King said it is unclear how things will turn out until the case is resolved, but even if he is found guilty, it would not hurt the city; Henderson just would not have the hotel.
As the TIF Area property agreement is written, Hunt only receives the property if he builds the hotel.
Mayor King stated he would hate to not get to build the hotel, but it would not change anything for Henderson if it can not be built. It would just be as if the discussion of it over the months never occurred.
Chester County Mayor Barry Hutcherson could not supply any further information.