Second and Crook in Henderson to be converted to four-way stop


During the Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting that occurred September 10, the Henderson Police Department gave the board the traffic data they accrued to figure out if Second Street and Crook Avenue needed to be changed to a four-way stop.
Some of the data included: the average speed of the intersection to be 21 miles per hour, the highest speed being 53 miles per hour and the average amount of cars that drive through it to be 688 per day. Additionally, in comparison to the intersections of Third and Crook and Fourth and Crook, Second and Crook has had more crashes.
Therefore, the board approved to make the intersection a four-way stop.
The mayor and board of aldermen also approved installation of traffic lights at the Tractor Supply intersection on US Highway 45 due to the increased amount of traffic.
Keith Smith was voted as the new vice mayor. The previous vice mayor was Johny Farris, who recently retired from the board.