News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Melea Beshires

Fall is in the air, and the Halloween spider webs are out. The soybeans that I have come to love as iconic Silerton are nearly ready for harvest. The days are growing shorter, but the night sky is full of life at this time of year. We recently purchased a telescope and have been enjoying looking at the stars. There is so little light pollution in Silerton that we usually have a tremendous view of the stars and the planets. If you are a stargazer or find astronomy of any interest, this is an extraordinary time for viewing Mars. The planet is coming into “opposition,” which occurs when Mars and the sun are on opposite sides of the sky. This positioning occurs only once every 780 days. 2020’s “opposition” (for many technical reasons I do not quite understand) is a particularly spectacular one, and you will not be able to see Mars this clearly for many years to come. Exact opposition occurs Oct. 13, and Mars will be gradually brightening until then. The planet will become more luminous in the night sky than even Jupiter by Sept. 24. Mars rises in the east not long after the sun goes down.
Kevin and I enjoyed an outdoor birthday party with our friends the Carolls this past Saturday for their son Houston who turned two. Otto enjoyed playing with the other kids and eating chocolate chip cookies. Kevin was accepted into the children’s play realm and recruited for foam darts and swing pushing.
Mary Lynn Lambert provides us this week with some prayer requests and news of visitors to the Cooper family. “Ed and Betty (Stack) Burnett traveled from Huntsville, Ala., to spend the day with Walter and Brenda Cooper. Also dropping in for a shorter visit was Ann Paula Hinson and Frankie and Mary Lynn Lambert. Betty was overjoyed to share photos of her new grandson, Gideon Burnett, son of Daniel and Hannah Burnett. Gideon was born on Aug. 28. Daniel and Hannah live in Hartselle, Ala. Continue to pray for Brenda and Walter Cooper. Sarah Chandler appreciates your prayers on her behalf.”
Gail Mayfield shares September’s yard of the month with us. “The Town awarded the Yard of the Month to Richard and Rita Crowley. There were several well kept yards in the area, and the choice was difficult. Richard and Rita have consistently kept their yard neat this summer, and the new driveway coating tipped the scales for their selection. Congratulations to the Crowleys and a thank you for improving our town.”