Sunrise By David Coy: Pursue Peace

David Coy

By David Coy

There are many circumstances and events that can occur in a person’s life that will produce grief. Our country and our communities are experiencing a great deal of grief for a number of reasons. Many of our fellow citizens have either lost loved ones to the virus or have lost security in their financial means, and we have lost trust and safety in many of our cities. These are just some of the consequences our neighbors are struggling with that have created grief in their lives. Along with these personal agonizing difficulties that many people are grappling with is the community wide challenges of division and strife all across the country.
There is a historical principal repeated down through the ages about workers of deceit; it says they care not for peace nor people who desire to live lives of peace. We are seeing a growing trend among too many groups who display a disregard for human life, lack of respect for the property of others and a total disdain for law and order while embracing anarchy. This has grieved a great many people, I am sure, as it has me. This has compelled many prayers on behalf of fellow citizens for their losses and for politicians that they would repent and begin caring about the plight of their constituents, especially in our larger communities. As in a smaller scale when we become aware of individuals who are walking the journey with grief we should seek to support them in every way that is available to us.
Peace is a subject and goal we all should pursue. A house divided cannot long stand. May we in prayer and action support one another in truth and peace. Rebuild our communities consistent with our constitution for the common defense, general welfare, and liberty for all.
This is Sunrise Aftercare,