News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Melinda Carroll

A lot of learning is going on at East Chester! Students in the library studied about patriotism, famous women and immigration as well as the season of autumn.
Third grade finished Unit 1, Classic Tales, in ELA. We moved on to animals. We added new pets down our hallway, roly polies and snails. We studied about physical and inherited traits in science as well as how to use a map scale to measure distance in social studies. We continued with the multiplication tables in math.
Second grade students practiced skip counting by 5s, 10s and 100s using a number line. They learned to find missing numbers on a number line by looking for patterns in the hundreds, tens or ones digits of the numbers. In social studies second graders compared physical features of the earth, including island, lake, mountain, ocean, peninsula, plain, plateau, river and valley. They compared simple maps of different land areas to observe the shapes and kinds of land (rock, soil, sand) and water (river, stream, lake, pond). In reading they finished up their fairy tales and tall tales unit.
First graders learned so many things about the human body, plants and fables. They worked to add and subtract and read more fluently. First graders worked every day toward becoming better writers.
Kindergarten students studied apples, apple trees and apple products. They worked hard on letters and sounds as well as numbers.
For Parent-Teacher Conferences at East Chester, parents will be able to choose a phone conference, an individual email/Remind update or a virtual (Google Meet) conference. We will use the entire week of Oct. 5-8 to schedule these conferences. Our goal is to have 100 percent participation from our families. We look forward to “seeing” you soon!