News from the Sweetlips Community of Chester County

JoAnn Greer

with JoAnn Greer

Hope everyone is staying safe and well. We have several in the community that have been sick with COVID-19.
There will be a benefit/fundraiser stew/bake sale at the Sweetlips Community Center beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 10. The benefit is for Jabeez and Hopewell Friends on Mission. Funds raised will go to the mission work we do here, in Kentucky and in West Virginia. Our mission only can go forward with God putting good people in our path to help. We would appreciate your support. Blessings to everyone! You may reserve orders ahead and bring your own containers. Cost is $20 per gallon. To reserve early, call Neil Kinchen at 989-7342 or Allen Jones at 414-8751. Hope to see you there!
On our prayer list is Rick Hopper, Tammy Barton, Neil and Nancy Kinchen, Patsy Horn, Wanda Gogbill, Hilda Barton, Francis Brooks, Carolyn Goff, Ann Russell Weir, Patsy Collins, Brenda Barton, Dude, Mike and Joe Russell, Steve Hurt, JoAnn Greer, Marcel Northcot, all that I may not have been aware of but God knows all our needs.
Our sympathy to the family and friends of Bobby Horn, Howard (Bud) Ward and Amy Prentiss.
Birthday wishes to Lou Nell Busby, Sept. 23; Amber Greer and Mike Russell, Sept. 25; Marylin Smith, Oct. 2; Trina Tedford, Oct. 3; Julia Miller, Oct. 4; Clint Busby, Oct. 5; David Wagoner, Oct. 6; and Hollie Talley and Elena Greer, Oct. 8.
Happy Anniversary to Max R. and Jean Pickett, Sept. 24; Scott and Mandy Coats, Sept. 27; and Rickey and Barbara Hall, Oct. 7.
Ms. Dianne has been at it again this year. As most of you already know, Ms. Dianne writes under the pen name of Brenda D. Williams. Her fifth book will be available for the Kindle Oct. 2; the paperback will go live a couple of weeks later. The name of her latest book is Not All Monsters Are Make Believe, and the cover photo was taken by Mr. Lou while night fishing at Pickwick Lake. She hopes everyone takes time to check it out on Amazon.
I for one have been enjoying the cooler temperatures. I stay outside a bit longer. My grandkids keep asking when the rest of the fall decorations are going up. They are 14, 10 and seven, but they still look forward to it. It is all about making memories and family traditions. Time is passing by so quickly. I spend as much time as possible with my family. Everyone is busy running in every direction, and it seems we are missing some important times. It is not like it was when I was a kid. We made time for everything and everyone.

Hope you have a great week. Stay safe!