Sunrise By David Coy: Adieu

David Coy

By David Coy

“Oh, heed him not, if rhymer prate. Of parted love and endless woe; 
Tru love would scorn to babble so, and grief is inarticulate.
Or with a hoarse and broken flow. It rushes, murmuring, to its fate.
That ocean which, or soon or late, Receives the wreck of all we know, 
or be it love, or be it hate. Oh, heed him not.
The spirit bowed with grief sincere was ne’er so loud.
But if you say in simple that I will ne’er forget you, friends.
Though at the earth’s remotest ends I pass my long unsolved days; 
that, when the evening shade descends, 
and high and bright the fagots blaze.
My faithful heart your forms shall raise, 
While memory the curtain rends that time would drop o’er earlier days. 
If this content you, ’tis sincere, though vouched by neither oath nor tear.”
-Charles Grantham Halpine
Poetry has been used for centuries and is very effectively used to soothe those who are in sorrow. One caretaker said, “I have used poetry to help friends, family, patients and colleagues deal with the pain from acute losses, aid in the grieving process and help them through the transitional phase.” Saying goodbye is never easy, I hope your week is filled with comfort and support in all of your sorrows.
Sunrise Aftercare,