Crook and Second becomes four-way stop October 12


After the request from citizens on Crook Avenue, and an in-depth traffic study by the Henderson Police Department, the Board of Mayor and Alderman approved on September 10, 2020 making the intersection of Crook Avenue and Second Street a 4-Way Stop.
Beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday October 12, the intersection will officially become a four-way stop. Motorists are to take notice and adhere to it.
Henderson Chief of Police Gary A. Davidson issued the following statement: “The Henderson Police Department will closely monitor the intersection after it becomes a four-way stop. Officers will for a time use good judgment and issue warnings to any potential violators, since this will be new to commuters. We also realize that most people who travel on Crook Avenue do not live on that street and an adjustment period will be given. As with any decision made by H.P.D. the goal is safety. I feel the new four-way intersection will make this area safer to commuters and pedestrians.”