News from Chester County Junior High School

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By: Carlie Brewer, Tessa Moore,
Ariel Faulkner,
Addison Stanley,
Amber Taylor
and Hudson Lewis

Introducing our new Chester County Junior High School Journalist team: Carlie Brewer, Tessa Moore, Ariel Faulkner, Addison Stanley, Amber Taylor and Hudson Lewis. Each week, we will be writing the column for the Junior High School.
What is CCJHS? It is a fun school with amazing teachers and students. We do fun things like EVN, the school’s morning news. EVN is a fun way of telling the students the announcements. They let the kids run it and not the grown-ups. They report about things like dress code and the Miss Henderson Pageant, which, unfortunately, has been cancelled!
The team makes EVN just like real news; they tell us the weather, but they do something that real news does not: they give us inspirational quotes. 
Here are some spotlights about our fantastic teachers:
Mr. Miller is a fun and great math teacher. He loves goats and math but mainly math. He loves all of his students, and he claims to be in the movie Fast and Furious! He also does band and sign language. His favorite color is purple. 
Mr. Shumate is also a great math teacher. He helps us a lot. He is also the Dean of Student Life. He transferred to CCJHS from the high school. He is the manager at Rock N Dough, and he loves all of us. He wants to see growth in his students. 
Coach Parten is the coach of the golf team. He tries his best to teach the team how we are supposed to stand in order to aim the ball correctly, how to hit the ball correctly, etc. Coach Parten knows how to make golf easier for the team by playing fun games and encouraging us to do our best. He also teaches us not to let the game stress us out. He is very good at what he does because he really helps us conquer our anxiety by encouraging us and giving us pointers. When we are struggling, he helps us by telling us that it is okay to mess up a shot and to just try better next time. He tells us what we did wrong and how we can fix it. Our first “official” practice will not be until February; however, we will have some small non-mandatory practice sessions starting after fall break! Coach Parten says, “My main goal for the golf team is for us to learn to compete, improve our skills and have the best attitudes on the course. I want everyone to learn to love playing golf and to be able to develop skills that will allow them to play throughout their life.” 
We are still waiting on a Basketball Season!
Students took their first Benchmark Case tests Oct. 5-8. Goals were set in each subject to have over 50 percent of our students proficient or advanced. Results are pending!
In 4-H for October, clubs will be voting on their officers – President, Vice President and Secretary.
It is Fall, and that means that CCJHS students get to have Fall Break! Starting Oct. 8, students are out of school until the 19th. Even though it is Fall Break, the students are able to complete other assignments through Summit.