News from the Montezuma Community of Chester County


with Gayle Cox

Fall break turned out to be a good week for the teachers and children. I am sure some families traveled, but I took a few days to spend with my grandchildren. We made a short trip to Huron to Sunset Valley Farms. It was a pleasant day and worth the visit. They do require tickets, but it is not an expensive way to spend the afternoon and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Look them up online to see what they have to offer. Hope everyone is recharged and ready to get back to work until the next break. Just know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.
Just a note to any hunters out there that would like to have a nice dinner and auction night out. Go to Chester County Ducks Unlimited website for our annual upcoming event to be held on Nov. 19. Ticket and table information is available there, or you can call me for more information.
The election is fast approaching. Look beyond the people and make sure you know what they stand for before you cast your ballot. This will probably go down in history as one of the most important elections in our life time.
With so much unrest in our country, I pray that each of you believers will be praying continually for the situation, our government, the upcoming election and salvation for the lost. 
Montezuma sends out Happy Birthday wishes to Charles Whitman on Oct. 23, Ricky Murley and Dossie Talley, Jr. on Oct. 25, Brodie Capooth on Oct. 27 and Janeane Moore on Oct. 29.
Montezuma sends out Happy Anniversary wishes to Lynn and Liz Cook on Oct. 28.
Please continue to pray for Jerry Ada, Brenda Ada, Vicki Rush, Kristen Daniel, Linda Tacker, Faye Crouse, Nancy Thomas, Ed and Betty Morris, Ann Morrison, our country and our government. Please continue to pray for those dealing with COVID-19 for healing, for families coping with the loss of loved ones that have suffered with it and for our President and First Lady. We especially want to remember the families of Robert Flatt, Roger Dale Luck, Mary Sue Stout and other families that have recently lost loved ones.
Please call Betty Cooper at 879-9078 to book the use of the community center.
Always looking for noteworthy news to share in this column. Please send to or text me at 608-2857. Blessings to all of you until next time.