Western Governors University Tennessee launches scholarship for aspiring teachers


With the need for hybrid in-person and online schooling during the evolving nature of education during the coronavirus pandemic, there is an increasing demand for qualified teachers. To help meet this demand, Western Governors University (WGU), an online nonprofit university, has announced a new scholarship aimed at removing financial barriers for aspiring educators.
The Become a Teacher scholarship program assists recipients with $2,500 in scholarship funds awarded at $625 per six-month term for up to four terms and an additional $1,500 stipend during student teaching. These funds can be applied toward any of WGU’s Teachers College degree programs leading to teacher licensure.
Students will benefit from hands-on, in-classroom observation, and student teaching experiences at a nearby school during their program. WGU will help arrange the in-classroom experience, an opportunity that our graduates consistently call invaluable in preparing them to lead their own classrooms. Estimates put the annual teacher shortage at about 110,000, with low-income children consistently being taught by lower-credential and novice teachers.
With WGU’s competency-based curriculum, students complete courses as soon as they can prove mastery of the material, making it possible to graduate faster. Additionally, WGU’s tuition is per term rather than per credit or course, which enables students to save both time and money.
In addition to the Become a Teacher scholarship, WGU is offering an Online Access scholarship for students who are looking to pursue a degree, but do not currently have broadband access.
The scholarship will cover the cost of installing and accessing internet for students who might not otherwise be able to get online. The scholarship will also provide recipients with a refurbished laptop, complete with a webcam.
Those interested in earning a teaching degree with WGU Tennessee may visit https://www.wgu.edu/financial-aid-tuition/scholarships/general/become-a-teacher.html to apply today.