Unauthorized individuals attempt to enter Chester County High School


At 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 27, Chester County Director of Schools Troy Kilzer II sent out a message to CC Schools stakeholders that about 2:00 p.m. that day, “two unidentified individuals attempted to enter the high school between classes. Those individuals exited the building and were later apprehended by local law enforcement.
According to Chester County Chief Deputy Mark Griffin, “The incident is still under investigation. Charges are pending. It appears that both are juveniles.”


  1. That message was not very clear. One sentence said they attempted to enter the school but then later said they exited the building. I, like many, assume “attempt” means tried and failed. My son, who passed them in the lobby area near gym and bathrooms, said they did got in the building at the entrance near the gym because it was time to change classes so the doors were unlocked. There were not easy to miss because one was wearing a unicorn onesie. Apparently, a one of the ladies in the school office saw they did not have student ids on and called them over to office to talk to them. So they never technically made it past the foyer/lobby area before they took off running out the door when the office lady called for an administrator to come there. In my opinion that is still in the building where our children were not to mention they were able to get in with some backpacks that could have had only God knows what in them. We should all be thankful for the lady in the office being quick to act and because it could have been a recipe for disaster!

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