News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Melea Beshires

For those interested in Silerton apparel, Tommy Murley’s designs are currently posted in the Facebook group, Silerton-Photographs From the Past. In addition to t-shirts, sweatshirt options are also available. Murley encourages early ordering so that you can have your apparel by Christmas. Prices and instructions for ordering are listed in his post.
Parents and grandparents of small children may be glad to learn that the mayor and aldermen are discussing steps to build a fence around the playground that will be installed soon in the city park. I am delighted that my 21 month old will soon have a fun and safe place to play right in downtown Silerton.
Mary Lynn Lambert shares some birthday and anniversary news with us this week. “On Saturday, Oct. 17, the Stack siblings met at the home of Brenda and Walter Cooper to celebrate Grady Stack’s 80th birthday. Also attending was Betty (Buford) Dawkins, a cousin. After a delicious meal, the family enjoyed a few hours of talking and catching up on family events.
Frankie and Mary Lynn Lambert traveled to Lake Junalaska, N.C., to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary on Oct. 21. They stayed in Lambuth Inn, which is on the National Register of historic places. It received renovation in 2018. They reported a wonderful trip.”
Kevin Beshires visited Lake Fontana in North Carolina on the weekend of Oct. 24. Beshires and friends enjoyed the beautiful weather and catching up while they fished. Otto and I visited my parents in Knoxville during the fishing trip and enjoyed a day trip to the Knoxville Zoo.