News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Try to elicit the emotion of laughter. It is a part of your return to yourself.”
Sympathy is expressed to the families of Kathy Corina Wheeler Taylor (5-11-70/11-7-20) – Adamsville Cemetery; Yarris Manley Hardin, Jr. (12-38/11-6-20) – Memory Gardens; and Willie Earl Clayton (1-26-43/11-3-20) – New Home. Also, Jeopardy Host, George Alexander Trebek (7-22-40/11-8-20).
Prayer requested for Wayne Roberts, the Ada’s families and Tommy and Nancy Patterson. Continue prayers for Kristin Daniel, and we hope Inez Cash and Geralene Thompson are improving.
Happy Birthday to Jean Tignor still able to garden and pick salet by the bucket proudly at age 86 on Nov. 7. She goes to the garden one week and three weeks later to the chiropractor. Eliza Dannley, age three, had breakfast with her great-grandmother. Charlotte Joyner “Deesie” comes rolling up to home plate to bat 80 years away on Nov. 12. She weed-eats and mows a big yard and grows a showcase of flowers of all colors and styles. Betty Newman and I prepared lunch for the group since two are quilting a king-size quilt for Betty. Dinner was a “birthday” surprise. Were we not clever in planning this? Call us the “Birthday Planners.”
Al McKinnon and Jacks Creek Firemen would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for buying stew and making additional contributions. The virus kept us from serving soup by the bowl and eating Pat’s dessert. Having the fire department means a reduction in homeowner insurance.
Many thanks again to Liz Kinchen for her patriotic floral arrangement for the veterans. You can see a new floral each year on the courthouse square where Chester County soldiers are honored. Liz is small and short, but she does good deeds quietly. Veterans Day is at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11. These men fought for our freedoms. Pay respect to all veterans. They earned it and more. Bet they voted and did not complain about any long lines!
This virus is getting worse! Last week Chester had zero but had 10 on Monday. I do not understand why leaders will not simply mandate a mask that covers nose and mouth! I like wearing disposable gloves, too. Why does a person desire to go into dangerous settings such as a festive wedding or parties? Churches offer services by radio and some park in the parking lot. Inside members separate socially, but the virus is increasing, so one has to make his or her own choice.
I despise going into local stores and seeing customers and workers without masks. Ordering by phone and car pickup is becoming safer. Think of all those people who touch or tug the outside of their masks – germs disturbed and you walk by them. PLEASE, Jacks Creek, people listen to me — wear masks properly, wash hands and dispose of gloves and masks in a garbage bag in the car. Those masks are not meant to be used repeatedly. Buy a box of 50 and use common sense. I do not want to see YOUR name on the obit list.
Don and I only hang with friends that follow the same procedures. Do not gamble with your life. Your tombstone could show your death in the year 2020 or 2021 unless YOU decide to use masks over mouth and nose. It break our hearts. We only attend family or close friends’ funerals. We simply want to walk in, sign the register, view the beloved and express simple words to the bereaved. We do not want to be touched, and we desire to leave soon. The virus has made us do things we NEVER thought we would do. The love in our heart is still there, but we want to live. It is a gamble and lives are too precious to gamble. We care.
Local voting at Jacks Creek District 2-1 with 178 – President = Trump (149); Biden (16); Hawkins (4); Jorgensen (3); Kennedy (1); West (5). Senate = Hagerty (149); Bradshaw (17); Faparus Sr. (1); Grunau (2); James (1); McLeod (1); Stansberry (1). House of Representatives District 7 = Green (145); Sreepada (17); Brown (2); Vieira Jr. (1); undervotes (13). TN Senate District 26 = Walley (155); Miller-Watkins (16); undervotes (7). TN House District 72 = Haston (167); write-in (1); undervotes (10). * Undervote means a selection was not made for a name.
Tidbit: In September a message lost by a carrier pigeon was found 110 years later in French commune. Could it have changed the outcome of the war?
Tidbits for 2020 populations found on computer – Chester County (17,558); Tennessee (6,346,105); USA (331,697,316); and World (7.8 billion).
Tidbits for Tennessee voter turnout – Counted President Ballots (2,508,027); Voting Eligible (4,909,426); Percent of Voting Eligible (51.10%); Ineligible (75,685). Voting is a privilege, a freedom earned by our soldiers. Voting puts people in office to govern a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If you did not vote, do not make any political comments to voters! Would you give up your American Citizenship?
Tidbits for State Voting Turnout found on computer – HIGHEST Votes – Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, Oregon, and Virginia. LOWEST Votes – Hawaii, West Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Arizona. Did you know Tennessee is the “Volunteer State” – too bad those non-voters did not volunteer to go vote.
God bless the USA, veterans, those serving now, law enforcement, responders and government leaders. We need prayers.
2020 VISION – “Stay positive; run from negative.”