News from the Montezuma Community of Chester County


with Gayle Cox

A big thank you to ALL VETERANS! We appreciate those who have served in the past, those currently serving and military families for the sacrifices they have made.
With the election entering closure, I have to say Tennessee upheld to Christian values, and many places throughout the U.S. can not say that. We can not be silent. It is far past time to speak out about the wrongs against GOD, and we must continue to stand up for what is right. Our country needs prayer more than ever with the phase our government is about to move into. God has a reason for all things, and I feel without a doubt it is time to get right with him and know where you will spend eternity. 
A quick note to any hunters out there who would like to have a nice dinner and auction night out – go to website for our annual upcoming event to be held on Nov. 19. Ticket and table information is available there, or you can call me for more information. There are a few tickets left for this event. Get yours ordered quick.
Montezuma sends out happy birthday wishes to Joey Capooth and John Tidwell on Nov. 13 and Dean Davis and Sue Ann Duke on Nov. 14.
Montezuma sends out happy anniversary wishes to Charles and Nancy Beacham on Nov. 19.
With so much unrest in our country, I pray that each of you believers will be praying continually for the situation, our government and salvation for the lost.
Please continue to pray for those dealing with COVID-19. Please pray for Mary Lou Weir Warren, Wayne Monks, Sr., Haskle and Virginia Cox, Floyd and Sharon Wamble, Jeff and Stephanie Clayton, Patricia Jones, Jimmy Ruth, Brenda Ada, Vicki Rush, Kristen Daniel, Faye Crouse, Nancy Thomas, Ed and Betty Morris, Bro. Marcus Kelley and Ann Morrison. We especially want to remember the families of Earl Clayton, Ollie Faye Vann (my aunt), Manley Hardin, Kathy Taylor and other families that have recently lost loved ones.
Please call Betty Cooper at 879-9078 to book the use of the community center.
Always looking for noteworthy news to share in this column. Please send to or text me at 608-2857.
Blessings to all of you until next time.