Sunrise By David Coy: Begin

David Coy

By David Coy

Whatever the circumstances, we may come to a position in our life when we are overwhelmed. We might feel like we are at a crossroads in what to do and how to move forward. We may also find ourselves saying, “If only I had,” or, “If only this were different,” or some other if only statement. I was reading the book, You’re Born An Original Don’t Die A Copy by John L. Mason recently, and he made some very good points. One that I would like to expand upon is, “Begin where you are and with what you have.” I am paraphrasing of course, but what does it mean? Here is my opinion.
When we lose someone or something of high esteem, we do often feel overwhelmed. We may ask ourselves, “What now? How do I move forward?” Realize that many people have lost their livelihood because of anarchist violence in the streets of our sister cities. On top of this, some have probably lost loved ones as well. All this, and we are worried about our elderly loved ones and those with co-morbidity issues in relation to the virus. So we can see many of our fellow countryman have a great deal to work through.
Work with what you have and where you are; take one step forward and then another after that keeping your mental affect positive. Believe that with perseverance you will emerge and rise above your current tribulations and heartache. The big question is what will that other side look like? What will we look like on the other side. We do not exactly know that, do we? We know we are and will be different, but that is okay. There is one common denominator about feeling like you have lost everything. As in a line spoken in a story, When you lose everything it is a perfect place to begin again. With support surrounding you/us, potential abounds! Begin, build again, build anew!
This is Sunrise Aftercare,