News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“We are thankful for shared memories of our lost ones. It is so precious to feel connected again, even if it’s just a couple of moments.” – unknown
Sympathy to the families of Timothy O’Neal Doyle (5-8-59 to 11-19-20) – Vernon Cemetery in Toone; Jurileee Weaver Rouse (6-22-40 to 11-18-20), Chester County High School Class of 1958 – Estes; Alvin Keeton Johnson (6-6-27 to 11-18-20) – Spring Hill in Sardis; Walter Elliott Bennett (3-1-32 to 11-21-20), served in US Navy – Memory Gardens; and Adam G. Sells (not known at this time).
Prayer list – Gene and Carolyn Ross; Lou Tignor; Jim Ruth; Sherrill Pickett and grandchild, Makayla; Kim Carroll; Paulette Sells Christie Pugh; Gleeman and Jane Rhodes; Wes Murphy Family; Marilyn Murphy; Jeff Essary and wife; Ranny and Cornelia Morris; Lynn and Sandra Goodwin; Tommy and Janice Patterson; and The Ada Families.
I read an article in Reader’s Digest of a young child, Bobby, who loved his Belgian Sheepdog, Jack. The 1940s war was going on, and dogs were being well-trained to help save soldiers’ lives. Daddy wanted Jack to go to war, but he wanted to talk to his son about this fragile issue. Daddy asked Bobby his feelings about dogs in war. “Pop, if Jack can saves lives, I want him to go in.” Can’t you see that’s daddy’s chest? What a precious child. Jack did save lives by signaling group with low growls; he could leap eight feet with bared teeth; and Jack was a message runner with a special collar (similar to homing pigeons that delivered messages and saved many lives). The enemy was trying to kill four dogs in this troop with fierce gunfire as the messenger made the dangerous run. Jack was shot and bleeding, but he was needed. His leader told the group Jack would make it. Jack obeyed the order. Jack lived! After the war, tragic news arrived. Orders came to euthanize (kill) the dogs. Soldiers refused. They retrained the loyal group; and these war heroes were returned to their original owners. Little Bobby had his best friend back and what a “war story” to share!
I was disappointed to see a mother and child not wearing a mask at Jacks Creek Dollar Store. Two other men put their masks on when I told them about the door sign. Two other men put their masks on when I went down the aisle saying the words, “Mask required.” Fifteen minutes is not long to HELP stop the spread of this serious virus while shopping. Businesses need to speak up loudly. Those customers will return. They will not want to drive to different towns. Isn’t it ridiculous to be selfish? They have not lost anyone to this virus or saw their friends suffer at home. Their attitude – it isn’t going to affect me! I hope families think long and hard about BIG gatherings. You might not be together at Thanksgiving in 2021. Spread the love not the virus by small well-spaced family or friends for a meal, phone calls, hand-written letters, cards or emails and of course Facebook. I do not use it, but the Pat Jones on Facebook is actually Patricia Barret Jones. We were Jacks Creek students, too.
Dr. Bartlet in Texas has not lost one COVID-19 patient. He shared his protocol that is working for breathing issues and other symptoms. Ask your doctor if these therapies are right for you. Prescriptions: Budesonide; Clarithromycin; zinc; coated 81 mg aspirin (unless you are on a blood thinner). Over counter items have aided in their recovery – Tylenol; Budesonide nasal spray (such as Rhinocort); Mouthwash; Hydroshot drink; and Silver Bullet drink (hydrogen infused green tea with zinc). Google – the entire information should be shared with your doctor. Vitamins – C, D3 and K are gaining popularity.
Our little rescue dog after we lost Dusty in 2011 was a blessing. Bridget Bardot was humble and a sweet white Maltese. She slept on a blanket at the end of the bed. She only wanted to barely touch my toes to feel secure. She died beside me in her bed on Nov. 25, 2017. Sammie Davis misses her. They were so cute being walked – white (salt) and black (pepper). I miss her. Dusty’s birthday is Nov. 24, 1998. I am relieved Bridget didn’t die on his birthday. I miss him, but the Dusty Haven helps.
I hope to find just the right picture to enter in the newspaper pet contest. Will you vote for your favorite? The money goes to help local rescues. Please donate to this cause. It is a nice way to help by a dollar vote. Call 989-4624 to check on this project. Animals need help, too. Pet owners pay a $10 donation with hopes you will vote for several fur babies to help these rescues.
Also, the newspaper has requested shared recipes. I am sharing, “Pecan Sandies.” They are easy to make and something to share with your kids. They get to help by rolling cookies into balls and later drop them into powdered sugar. Make a memory.
It seems some people are in need of food. I saw a double line at Englewood Church receiving food. Around here, if you know of anyone who needs a lift, you can share a sack of healthy groceries. We are in this together, so we need to act like it. God is watching us. There is a difference in helping one who needs helps and one who does not work to try to help himself. If a man does not work, he does not eat. Those words are really true. We all need to humble ourselves and thank God EVERY day for all our many blessings. It makes His day to see your blessings and hear your thankfulness in receiving them. He created the world and all of us. He’s got the whole world in His hands. He’s not a Republican or a Democratic – He’s in control.

2020 VISION: “God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for this food. By His hands we all are fed. Give us, Lord our daily bread. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen.”