News from Chester County High School


By: Riley Haltom

At Chester County High School, school-based clubs and organizations competed in competitions that went for a good cause. Each year, Chester County High hosts the competition, dubbed Canned Creations, which consists of building something out of cans donated by the clubs and organizations’ members.
The “creations” are always a delight to look at and this year was no different. This year, the Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Media Arts, Drama Club, Future Farmers of America, Health Occupation Students of America, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes all participated. Beta created a city complete with roads and a river, with an American flag in the background made from Starkist tuna and Campbell’s soup. Future Farmers of America created a tractor with a steering wheel with corn surrounding the tractor. Health Occupation Students of America created a syringe that had “Cure for Hunger” written along the sides.
Canned Creations has a deeper purpose than making towers and cars with cans. All of the cans brought by students are donated to those in need. This way, the school has found a way to make a service project fun for students with a reward of an ice cream party for the winning club or organization. Madison Hopper helped create Health Occupation Students of America’s “Cure for Hunger.”
“I think the Canned Creations is a great way to help supply cans for our local soup kitchen. Also, the competition element makes it a fun and challenging way to compete with other classrooms in trying to make the best sculpture.”
Sarah Porter almost single-handedly made the impressively detailed Beta City sculpture.
“Chester County High School managed to take ordinary cans from the supermarket and turn them into art.”