Mask: yes or no?

Dennis Richardson

By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

One of the top topics I am hearing over and over involves the wearing of a mask.
Well, either wearing one or not wearing one.
Who would have thought that our society would boil down to people being scorned for either not wearing a mask or wearing one improperly (like with nose sticking out).
I have mixed emotions on this subject. I don’t like wearing one. I would imagine that most of the health-care workers do not enjoy wearing one either. They do it, anyway and I tip my hat to them.
Sometimes it becomes a matter of respect for other people. A mask can provide protection from not only the corona virus but other viruses, as well.
I believe we have the choice of whether to wear a mask when out in public. I hope we do not reach the point of being subject to arrest if we do not wear one. Just maybe the various vaccines are bringing us really close to kicking this virus.
When I enter a place of business I try to have my mask on. Sometimes I forget. I learned to respect those who wear a mask but I do not worry about those who do not.
I disagree with orders to close restaurants and other places like New York has done. It just does not seem right to let a virus cancel peoples’ means to make a living. Customers have the choice to visit or not.
There is also the choice to stay at home and people who are not feeling well maybe should stay home.
It is a tough call. What are your thoughts? We would love to hear them.
Express opinions right here in this publication in the Opinion Page section. That is what it is for. Life is better with a (local) newspaper.
Dennis Richardson is the CEO of Magic Valley Publishing, Inc., which owns the Chester County Independent.