News from the Jack Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“What they never tell you about grief is that missing someone is the simple part.” – Gail Caldwell

Our community expresses sympathy to six families – Crystal Lynn Alexander (7-11-80 to 12-12-30) – Old Friendship; Ramona Stackpole Burns (9- 8-32 to 12-12-20) – Chester County Memory Gardens; Patricia Helen Mingledorff Hathcock (4-3-59 to 12-11-20) – Hollywood; Billy Mac Ables (6-7-40 to 12-9-20), served in the U.S. Army during Vietnam War – Chester County Memory Gardens; Billy Ray Barrett (6-6-51 to 12-9-20), served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Billy and his sister, Patricia “Pat” (Ray) Jones attended Jacks Creek Elementary School with me in the 1960s. I remember Billy wearing black slacks and a white shirt. He had a contagious smile as we saw him enjoy “recess” and “lunch” – Chester County Memory Gardens; and Joseph Lee Barnett (6-3-35 to 12-8-20), served in the U.S. Navy and later U.S. Air Force – Pleasant Springs.
“Kiss an Angel Goodbye” as we lose another Grand Ole Opry country singer, Charley Frank Pride (3-18-30 to 12-12-20) to the dreaded COVID-19.
I am tenderly remembering Mama Beck celebrating a 99th birthday on Dec. 22 – her mother, Biddie Moore Maness, died Dec. 28, 1958, so she allowed sadness to take her joy away during Christmas. Tender thought to family of Tim Hudson who died Dec. 17, 2012.
Correction in last week’s paper. Pearl Harbor’s date is 12-7-41. We whipped them in 8.3 years. I hate making boo-boos.
Do not forget the rare line-up of Saturn and Jupiter on Dec. 21. We will be 800 years older when it occurs again. Think how dry and wrinkled our skin will be.
Chester County Independent Pet Calendar is being printed! Buy extras for Christmas gifts. It was a wonderful idea to honor pets and help rescues. I am pleased but disappointed in myself for NOT entering Dusty Rose. I was told it was not too late, so I hooked up to the site and soon saw all those pets with many votes (dollar a vote). I love Dusty, but I did not think my bank account could afford to start out at $400 bucks. He was worth a billion. I did not think I had that MANY friends who would vote for Dusty. Sadly, few sent money to Loving Paws in memory of Dusty since he died in 2011. Jacks Creek Community Club friends, my cousin Willadean and a few others did contribute. Hugs to you!
I hope we can do this Pet Calendar in 2021. Readers must realize all you do is pick a pet and use your credit card. You need to think of where the money is going. It will help designated rescues. Just think of the fun in pet owners seeing votes for their pet. I was so happy to see Dot Patterson’s “Ho Bo” rescue win eighth place posed under a Christmas tree. Next year look for Dusty Rose. Also, even this year we could have our pet’s birthday printed on the month and day – I goofed. Mark Nov. 24 on your 2021 calendar for my little Dusty! Take pictures of your pet or call me if you do not have a camera. I love animals, and they do try to say “cheese.”
We have enjoyed your car horns full of joy not the virus. We plan to decorate next year to lift spirits. We wish soldiers to have some type of Christmas.
I can remember as a child Mother and Daddy driving us to Bonwood to see gorgeous trees, door wreaths spotlighted and some décor in yards. We would drive to the rich sections of Jackson. They had silver foil trees with a rotating spotlight of several colors. Campbell Street finished our tour as we stopped at Dairy Cup. When we neared home, Daddy drove around Henderson and Jacks Creek. We would make positive comments until I said, “It looks funny to see a doorway with lights going only halfway down.” Momma never turned around to correct me, but she simply said, “They still have the spirit of Christmas.” I felt the invisible peach-limb on my ankles. I was ashamed of my words. The next house had only a red light bulb on one side of the doorway and a green light bulb on the other side. I quietly said, “They still have the spirit of Christmas.”
I have never forgotten that teaching from my mother. I see Christmas spirit with inside and outside décor. I see Christmas in the parked cars holding occupants anxious for a night of thankfulness and humbleness among family and friends. They are honoring Jesus’ birth. A month and day set aside although September is probably the month he was born. Gifts and children’s eyes on Christmas Day remind us, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”
Hopefully this year has taught us all what is REALLY important. Keeping God in America, in our homes and in our daily lives should be priority. Don’t we all have enough? A home of warmth or coolness, vehicle, job, clothes, pantry and freedoms. That is more than lots of countries have! Forget about, “Keeping up with the Joneses.” Hasn’t this long year been an unusual way of getting to know our mate better? Kids? Pets? Friends? I have missed hugging and being with more friends, but the virus is scary, and I want to live. Telephones, emails, text and surprises left at our door helped. All are “Soup for the Soul.” Continue to think of the bereaved during holidays. We have lost over 220 people loved and missed.
Is someone trying to show us something? Let’s never forget sacrifices of countless soldiers and signers of the Declaration of Independence! Fifty-six signed and pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Would we? God Bless America should be foremost in our minds as we thank God for our many blessings. God is watching us, and never doubt He is in control.
2020 VISION – “Look up and not down; look out and not in; look forward and not back, and lend a hand.” – Edward Everett Hale