Welcome 2021!

Dennis Richardson

By Dennis Richardson, Magic Valley Publishing

I am ready to get this year over with. Put it into the books.
This year has been one continuous struggle with COVID-19. With a vaccine from a few sources maybe we can soon put this all behind us.
Some say they are ready to get the vaccine. Others say they’re not going to do it. Reports indicate that if 75-80 percent of the population is vaccinated, we can boot the virus out the door.
I am one of those who will happily take the vaccine shot as soon as it is offered to us old folks. Maybe that will be next month, maybe a few months, who knows?
Welcome, 2021! While some college football teams have opted out of bowls because of the virus, the bowl season has begun. It will be fun to watch the college playoffs decide an eventual national champion.
My alma mater is finished for the year, being one of the teams cancelling a bowl invitation.
My hopes are that events can get back on track. So many communities rely on festivals and parades, cook-offs and the fish fry.
When the events are back on schedule, our community newspaper will be right there to report it from start to finish.
If the event is cancelled again, we will be right there, too.
We believe in our community and wish the best for it.
That is one of the reasons we exist in print and online.
Get involved with our community efforts but mostly, read more (local) newspapers. After all, life is better with a (local) newspaper.
Here’s to a happy and prosperous (and healthy, virus free) 2021.
Dennis Richardson is the CEO of Magic Valley Publishing, Inc., which owns the Chester County Independent.