News from the New Friendship & Mifflin Communities of Chester County


with Vickie Ellis

Happy New Year to all! I started the year out with another birthday and am thankful for it. It was 53 degrees on Sunday. The sun was shining, and the skies were a beautiful blue. Saturday was dreary and depressing. Sunshine and prayer makes a world of difference. I hope everyone had a great time bringing in the new year whether it was with others, at home watching television or going to bed early. It is still 2021 regardless of how it was brought in. I wish everyone good health, much happiness, financial security, feelings of love, and the constant love of God.
We have birds at our feeders. We have seen some cardinals, blue jays, yellow finch and house finch to name a few. I do not like looking at bare trees, but this is winter. The temperatures for this week are to be average for this time of year. Lows at night are not expected to be below 28 degrees.
Our lives are like the seasons. There is Spring. I think of this as when we are young, and we think we have the world by the tail. Then, there is summer, and some marry young and have children; others are pursuing a career, or they are focused on family and getting ahead it seems. Next, is fall. I think this is when we feel we have “arrived” in our career or life. Some of the time, the children have gone off to college or moved out to try their own wings. Finally, there is winter. This is what I think of as relaxed and thankful years. We are thankful we are still here, even with aches and pains by now. We have weathered a lot of storms and have a lot of memories, good and not so good. Many retire, and then some wonder what they will do now. Some crochet, sew, do crafts or woodwork to name a few. We enjoy hearing from loved ones and appreciate a call, visit or hug every now and then. Some wonder what the meaning of their life is or why are they still here. We are still here because God has a purpose for us whether we know it or not. Try to check on others; small efforts of kindness mean a lot. Remember that life is a GIFT and meant to be LIVED.
Happy birthday to Amy Lofton and Doris Sells, 1-4; Nancy McCaskill and Kynleigh Butler, 1-7; Curt McKinney, 1-8; and Doris Rowlett, 1-10.
Please continue to remember these in prayer: Lynn Allen, Denise Armstrong, Brinson Biggs, Sheila Berry, Charlie Brewer, David Brewer, Diane Cross, Braelyn and Misti Ellis, Danny Jones, Nancy McCaskill, LaVelle Page, Pam Priddy, Donald and Doris Rowlett, Jim Ruth, Paulette Sells, Dalton Seratt, Kenny Stevens, Kristi Taylor, Peggy Zimmerle and the families of Billy Dickson and Logan Clayton. Also, please pray for our military, law enforcement, our country and its leaders, those affected by COVID and first responders. There are many sick and hurting. Please say a prayer for those; even if you do not know their name, God does.
“Empathy” by Diane Ranker Riesen – “We need such strength to carry on when everything seems wrong/You feel so lost and stranded in a place you don’t belong/Such trials in life are daunting – and so hard to comprehend/Each pain is real to those it hits…and we must understand/There are so many people who feel countless trials everyday/and we must learn to understand, and help them in some way/Perhaps it’s just a listening ear – and they just need to know/that kindness can be found in friends; when there’s no place to go/I believe that ‘empathy’ should never be denied/this show of love and caring can reverse and change the tide/Everyone needs help at times; a heart just needs some care/it’s priceless knowing when you’re down…that someone else is there/Don’t be afraid to stretch your arms – and reach out to a friend/so many hurts are helped by love, and YOU can help pain ‘end’/We can’t control the trials of life – hard times will touch us all/but we can help each other…acts of love will catch the ‘fall’/I want to try with every breath – to be a helping hand/and give hope to the weary, and help them understand/that when they need some extra strength, and need a little ‘care’/they can merely ask in prayer, and someone will be there!” 
I pray you all have a wonderful week, and may it be filled with love, joy, peace and blessings. Remember: if you have news, please email me at I would truly appreciate any news. People from here and those who have moved from our area but still want to keep in touch through the newspaper are hungry for news from home.

Until next week, Happy Trails to You.