News from the Deanburg Community of Chester County


with Carolyn Goff

It is snowing as I write this Monday morning, and it looks so pretty. I hope everyone is doing well! 
Prayers please for these folks: Kristen Carlton Jones, Tim Landers, Brianna Landers, Gary Hyatt, Jim Ruth, Eloise Murley, Samantha Mosier, Woodie Deming, Mrs. Mary Gilchrist and others in her family and Jere Pitts.
I would appreciate prayers. I am in a lot of pain due to coming off my arthritis medicine because it was causing problems with my stomach. Not much I can do about it, so I will continue to be in pain. If there is anyone you want to add to our prayer list, please call or text me.
Happy birthday to the only one we have this week – Ann Hankins. Hope it is a great!
Our devotion this week: “2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Do you understand how Satan works to bring down believers? Although we may think of his attacks as external, the real battleground is in the realm of ideas. If he can get a church to believe erroneous doctrines, unbiblical philosophies, and false assumptions about God, he can lead it away from the truth and into error.
“And the Enemy uses this same tactic on individual Christians as well. The battlefield is our mind, not our circumstances. As the Father of Lies, he knows that deception is an effective tactic. His goal is to influence our thoughts because how we think determines our attitudes, emotions, desires, and actions. Therefore, he seeks to twist our thoughts in order to gain a foothold and wreak havoc in all areas.
“Any thought that is contrary to God’s Word needs to be taken ‘captive to the obedience of Christ’ (2 Corinthians 10:5). And Jesus showed us how: Every time Satan threw a temptation at Him, He answered it with an appropriate Scripture (Matt. 4:1-11). However, we can’t simply wave our Bible in the air, hoping to scare the devil away. To effectively defeat his lies, we need a good working knowledge of God’s Word so that we can fight deception with truth, whatever the situation might be. For instance, if you struggle with fear and anxiety, cling to verses that affirm God’s trustworthiness and care. If envy is the problem, the answer is Christ’s sufficiency for your life. As you fill your mind with God’s Word, Satan’s lies will become easier to identify, and your attitudes, emotions, desires, and behaviors will align with truth.”
A couple of quotes and scriptures from, God’s Little Instruction Book: 

  1. “He who is waiting for something to turn up might start with his own shirtsleeves. All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only poverty.” Proverbs 14:23
  2. “It is better to die with a good name than live with a bad one. A good name is better than precious ointment. Ecclesiastes 7:1”

Pray for our country this week. We are going through things we never have before – from the inside and out.