News from Chester County Junior High School

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By: Carlie Brewer, Tessa Moore,
Addison Stanley,
and Hudson Lewis

Chester County Junior High School news is back! We hope you had a great Christmas break and a Happy New Year. We know last year was hard for everyone, but all we can do is hope that 2021 will be better. But we have a really good feeling about 2021. Look on the bright side and hope things will get better. Hope is a good thing to have; hope can get you through so many hard times. Hope is what got us through 2020.
In sixth grade math, students are working on Rational Numbers. In ELA students are reading Bud, Not Buddy and analyzing Steve Jobs’ Stanford University Commencement address. In history students are studying about the geography of Ancient China, and in science students are learning about ecosystems and analyzing the biomes of the world.
In seventh grade math, students are learning about Scale Drawings. In science students are learning about Mitosis and Meiosis. In ELA students are reading the book, Lyddie. In Social Studies students are learning about the Middle Ages in Western Europe.
 The CASE benchmark test results are back, and they are awesome!! “Education can not wait. It is important to continue with as much normalcy as possible in school.” CASE testing is part of the normalcy. CCJHS continues to see growth in all content areas: math, ELA, science, and social studies. We are proud of our students and our teachers. During a time when it would be easy to give up, CCJHS will continue to succeed by trying just one more time.