Henderson Police Department looks to make Hill Avenue and Steed Street four-way stop


When the Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen met on Thursday Jan. 14, the Henderson Police Department updated the board about the traffic study that was done at the intersection of Hill Avenue and Steed Street.
Results from the study made HPD decide to want to go forth a submit to the state a request to change the intersection of Steed Street and Hill Avenue into a four-way stop. Currently, there is just the stop signs for drivers traveling down Steed. It must be sent to the state since Steed Street is also State Route 200.
Data from the study showed that the intersection, in the course of a year, had six wrecks.
Four of the wrecks had injuries. All of the accidents were serious enough to have at least one vehicle towed, and the most serious was when three people had to be transported by an ambulance. None of the accidents, however, resulted in fatalities. The city board also discussed the storm drainage issue in the area of Marnie Loop and Fourth Street.
At the end of the discussion, they decided to look more into the problem, check out the area and discuss all possible options between now and the next meeting in February.
The board wants to see all possible options since, if this drainage issue is resolved by the city with public funds, they will begin to receive more and more requests of similar situations.
“This is not a one and done,” said city record Jim Garland. “We step off into this, you’re going to be having other requests. You have to treat everyone the same if it’s the same situation.”
Another point of concern for the city was that some solutions involved getting into private property which the city can not do.
The next Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11.